Performance Tuning

Get the most out of your MarkLogic servers, code and infrastructure

This service is very much related to Health Check. However, it differs in that it is already a deep dive into known pain-point performance. This service is designed for an application that is already running but for which there are performance bottlenecks that are elusive.

When faced with this type of challenge, where do you start? Code? Indexes? Infra?

This is never easy. According to the law of diminishing returns: continuing to increase one variable (perhaps memory) will not necessarily increase performance if some other factor is constrained (such as limited disk IO). MarkLogic is an ACID compliant distributed database, search engine and application platform. The uses of features are varied, the content is varied, the infrastructure is varied. Furthermore, beyond infrastructure related items, there is a direct link between index settings, cache settings and code. A bottleneck is almost never related to a single factor.

To assist with performance items, we take a controlled and systematic approach to analysis and recommendations for changes where needed. If the changes are needed within code and configuration, we are happy to do these or assist your team. If the changes are in infrastructure or content, we ensure that those that are responsible for change are informed and supported as needed.