Training FAQ

Additional Information

Can I receive a certificate of completion?

For corporate engagements, we are happy to provide a certificate of completion per attendee. Signing on and not being engaged in the course will not be considered for a certificate of completion. We have various metrics to determine if an attendee is engaged in the course and will be happy to discuss these with you to decide, for your organization, what is considered "engaged" and "complete". After that, we will provide a certificate of completion for each attendee that meets the criteria.

Some APIs are available in MarkLogic in both JavaScript and XQuery. Which version do you teach?

Either - or a combination - your choice! Any course that allows use in either Javascript or XQuery will be taught in the language you want to use. At the time of building your course, we will come to an agreement. If desired, we can do some samples in each language if there is clear value in doing so for your team.

Is it possible to have custom content added to the course?

Learning in context is extremely useful. If you have a specific use case that you would like to have included in the course, we are happy to work with you to include it. We can also work with you to modify course content or create a custom course for your specific needs.

Is it possible to get a copy of the course material?

All course material is available during the sessions. All Lab material (such as the original query console workspaces) are provided to the attendees.

Will My VM have the same content every time I log back in?

Yes! For the duration of the course (First session to final recap), the VM will be available with the same content. After the course is over, the VM will be deleted. It should be noted that at the specified times, the VM is shut down completely and not "suspended". Therefor, it is up to the individual to save their work as they go and when logging out of the VM.

Can I get a copy of the VM?

It is not possible to get a copy of the VM. The VM is provided for the duration of the course and is deleted after the course is over. If you would like to keep your work, with advanced notice, we can work with you to provide a copy of your work.

How can I be sure that my computer will work with the online environment?

In most cases, more modern computers and web browsers will work in a way that all activities including accessing remote VMS is done via a web browser. There is also desktop client available. Prior to the course, a link will be provided to test your computer and network to help ensure that you will be able to access the course.