Who We Are

We are experienced solutions experts who have worked for decades on projects spanning multiple verticals with proven success on projects in Europe and North America. We work on projects of various sizes and durations and in various roles.

Passion about creating the best integrated solutions has taken us down many paths over the years. Ultimately, we found the most versatile, scalable and secure system for integrating data solutions: MarkLogic. It is the technology that brought us here. Our history with MarkLogic spans an entire decade and counting.

Below is a short-list of the overall areas of interest and experience. The most prevailing characteristic concerning all of them: Getting business value out of vasts amounts of disparate data.


Projects directly related to regulatory requirements and trading for European, American and international financial institutions.


Full Digital Transformation of publications in addition to authoring systems and Subscription delivery systems.


Intergrated systems related to the linking and sharing of laws across multiple countries including the tracking of legislative changes occuring over time.


Mapping and Geospacial solutions for corporate, private and government agencies. These solutions were delivered for various industries including law, insurance and assisting NGOs track projects.

Sales and Marketing

Intelligent targeted solutions for online retailers and direct mail campaigns.


Many data projects related to gaining more insights from complex datasets.

Data Modeling

Creating and implemeting data models of various types - including semantic data models.


Government information and alerting systems to help keep citizens informed. Special response applications for disaster management.


Software architecture and MarkLogic technical lead for a major Fortune-25 Insurance company's digital transformation.

Social Media Analysis

Using MarkLogic to answer questions for clients related to various topics across diverse interests such as cars, coffee and sports by curating and analyzing information from various social media streams.