Join the herd

Join the herd

No Llama is the same. You may be a recent graduate looking for your first real work experience. You may be a seasoned developer or consultant and want to work with a like-minded group of people.

The most successful teams are built by the most unlikely combination of peers. We strongly believe that foremost you'll need the right attitude and and the ability to adapt and learn. With those fundamentals we're convinced you'll be able to find your place in the herd.

Your profile

  • Looking to work with the best team using the best software out there?
  • Are you already experienced in NoSql or related solution - or do you have other cool skills and want to change directions?
  • Have a passion for data?
  • Believe in excellence in everything you do?
  • Are you dedicated and driven?
  • Able to switch between different challenges
  • Willing to help and educate others

Senior llama

As a senior llama you're already well versed in MarkLogic and we'll welcome you to help empower companies or individuals as well as build and maintain a healthy MarkLogic eco-system. Together we'll figure out what type of llama you are; leading the herd, just coming along as part of the herd, or here to teach a thing or two.

Junior llama

Everyone has to start somewhere. With decades of experience mentoring people who are starting out in their professional careers or re-training after decades in another field, we understand. If you are the right person we will put some skin in the game and help you find the right place in the herd. This requires a "self-starter" mentality and the ability to stand on your feet quickly.


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