There are many ways in which we can engage across the MarkLogic ecosystem

Building a worldwide network of business-to-business interaction is important for success, stability and growth around MarkLogic solutions. To help promote this concept, Clever Llamas invites freelancers and companies to reach out.

I am already an experienced Marklogic Developer or Consultant and would like to work with you!

If you are a Certified Developer/Administrator (or intend to get certified) in MarkLogic, we would be happy to talk with you. The bar for both technical and soft skills is high. We will arrange an online interview and go through a series of discussions to find out where you fit in from both a technical and professional point of view. In the event of you not already being certified, we would expect you to take the free self-assessment provided at in order to have a feel for what is required for you to proceed with getting certified. Expectations are high because our standards are high. However, the expectations are fair and realistic for an experienced developer.

As a company, we offer MarkLogic Professional Services already and would like to collaborate on staffing through you.

As with our developer requirements, we expect all professionals offering MarkLogic Services to be certified or on their way to certification. If your staff are not yet certified, we can talk about fast-tracking the certification process for viable candidates. We can assist in this process as needed. As long as we are in agreement regarding the expectation of high level candidates, we should talk!

We are a staffing or placement service that would like to train MarkLogic developers for our own placement with our own clients.

For us, widening and deepening the pool of consultants and developers with the ability to harness the awesome power of MarkLogic is the key to success for all of us. With that consideration, we would be happy to discuss how we may be able to help your in house pool of resources progress towards being placed in your own MarkLogic roles and not through us. For this, we can be flexible regarding the approach and requirements. Costing around this can be flexible and in some cases be partially linked to the success of the individuals.