Creating a solid MarkLogic force

Not all teams are the same. Some teams are new to MarkLogic and need to get up to speed quickly. Other teams are experienced and need to learn about a specific topic as they progress on their project. Others may be working towards a certification and need to learn the material. Likewise, not everyone has the same learning style and not every organization has the same expectations and requirements. That's why we've taken the traditional training program and turned it on it's head.


Decide on goal.

Assess Needs.

Choose course modules.

We then blend these into the most effective course offering for your team.

Complete course prerequisites.


Attend online instructor-led course.

Hands-On Lab sessions.

Integrated classroom.

Personal Virtual Machine.


Apply knowledge at own job.

Training Environment and VM still available.

Trainers available for questions and quick sessions to assist.

Finalize Course with recap session in Online Portal

(optional) Certificate of Completion