Health Check

Understand. Assess. Advise.

A health check knows no bounds. It is meant to be a step back to understand all aspects of the project on a high level. Followed by a dive deeper into the areas that appear to need more attention. The topics vary depending on the project. The typical process is a seamless integration with your team, incorporating combinations of the following:


It starts with an understanding ot various aspects of the project as it is now. Some examples are:

  • Business requirements
  • Data
  • Understanding the overall architecture
  • Approach to code and configuration settings (index, cache, etc.)


A detailed report of findings and advice on what works and beneficial changes


In some situations, there are changes that can readily be made during or just after the process. This may be simple code or infrastructure changes that are low-risk but high value.


As a post health check option, we can assist in implementing more complex changes if needed. This can range from doing the work or guiding your team.


Sometimes it takes time to fully process findings in an organization since some recommendations may be related to other departments. We recognize this and understand that there may be unpredictable timelines. For every health check, we include up to 8 hours of touch-points in the future. These hours can be used up to 2 months after delivery and are not bound by any particular activity. This ensures that value is fully realized from the final findings advice given in the report.