Proof of Value

Kick-start development or deliver a proof of value

After purchasing any software to address one or more business cases, it is often important to showcase quickly to the main stakeholders that the solution can deliver on the promise of the business case. One way off doing this is by quickly showcasing a solution to use as a proof of value.

But where to begin.. MarkLogic is many things to many people. It is a database, a search engine, a document store, a triple store, a data hub, a data integration platform, a data management platform, a data governance platform, a data analytics platform, a data transformation platform, a data compliance platform, a data access platform, a data sharing platform, a data collaboration platform. The list goes on. Because of this and the various ways in which one may decide to implement a solution, it can sometimes be too easy to try to build too much too soon when what is needed to show POV to the business can usually be accomplished much sooner.

To help make that first and critical delivery within an organization, given access to enough sample data and basic requirements, we can deliver a simple working POV application in as little as 2 weeks. This is not meant to be a production system, The goal is to show that the solution can deliver on the promise of the business case. Therefore, the focus is more on a few quick iterations focusing on breadth rather than depth.