Skills Building

Need help to build and grow your team?

In most cases, projects are not staffed by seasoned veterans. Success does not mean that everyone needs to know everything up-front before becoming a viable team member delivering value. Instead, team members need to grow in their skills, capabilities and experience in a way that matches the cadence and progress ot the project deliverables. Success is reached through leadership, support, best practices and training allowing individuals to grow while on-the-job.

As masters of MarkLogic, we are in a perfect position to set up and assist in your team. This is a bespoke service in terms of fitting in with your team's way of working and technology stack. When it comes to MarkLogic itself, we help shape your tooling and processes based on vendor and community standards. Our goal is empowerment. Therefore, even though we may stay involved over time and in a changing capacity, the focus is on making your team become free-standing and self-sufficient as quickly as possible with the ability to further evolve as the project progresses.

Some aspects of this service include:

  • Skills assessment for individuals and teams
  • Cross analysis of skills, technology stack, content and requirements in order to identify where focus and team ior individual growth is needed.
  • Training and coaching
  • Continuous touch point with tech lead to help them support and grow their team as the project progresses.